Friday, August 16, 2019

How the Tutor Connection Pays Off

Parents wonder not “if,” but “when” to hire an SAT tutor for their future collegian. Seventh grade may be too soon and rising August senior very likely too late.

But when’s the sweet spot? While SAT prep books such as those produced by College Board deserve a look-see early, comfort level dictates the best time. A knowledgeable SAT tutor should be chosen about the same time as a knowledgeable doctor, before a minor setback turns into a real problem.

It's important to vet test prep tutors. Keep an eye on the strategic Big Picture. Make certain you see evidence of their flexibility ... how their methods can focus and re-focus to help your student improve in areas over an extended testing period.

Many tutors offer practice tests, but does yours consistently monitor testing progress, help uncover the best test fit by analyzing practice tests and session results -- changing course if necessary?

Acing the SAT can require memorizing hundreds of math and grammar rules, learning dozens of test-taking strategies, and acquiring a thorough understanding of the test format.  After all of this preparation and pressure, your teenager is supposed to, somehow, sleep soundly enough to arrive bright-eyed and well-rested on the big day. 

Fortunately, your student doesn't have to travel this road alone.  Professional help makes a world of difference.  All students can benefit from the help of an SAT tutor, from test-taking veterans looking to perfect their score, to overwhelmed students looking to manage test-related anxiety, to anybody looking to raise their score a few points to get into that dream school. 

Tutors are the personal trainers of academia. They provide a structure within which students may address areas of weakness and build upon preexisting strengths.  Tutors challenge students to examine not only what questions were missed but why.  They explain the test structure and provide useful strategies, helping students to work and study smarter, not just harder.  Tutors are the guides, arming students with clarity as they wind through the confusing labyrinth of standardized testing. 

Most importantly, personalized 1:1 work will identify areas of improvement and through regular workbook sessions and homework almost always raise the SAT score in a highly competitive arena where 40 points means the cutoff between reach and safe school. Rising juniors should be building out a timeline based on their chosen test date. Rising seniors should consider a final test this fall if they seek to improve components for superscores at top-tier universities. Then, they should facilitate a workable date deadline for admission pools they are considering.

But there is no student in this year's graduating class who cannot benefit from a dedicated mentor offering strategic assistance, powerful motivation, confidence building, and a way to address subject area weaknesses. When it’s time to research your greatest ally--the experienced, knowledgeable tutor--Valle Educational Consultants is ready to help.